• Why an investment club?
    The goal of the Swiss Mining Investment Club is to bring together smart, knowledgeable investors to share investment ideas. Members of the club can also pool means of investigation buying high quality research, hiring independent consultants in fields such as geopolitics, geology, metallurgy, mining engineering & accounting.
    Pooling of capital can also be useful to access better opportunities in terms of private placements in quality companies where their CEO's clearly understand the advantages of long-term holders. Club members, selected by a small committee, will be limited to 40 high profile individuals.
    Who are our members?
    As Woody Allen used to say : « I'd never join a club that would allow a person like me to become a member. »So who should join? Members are successful, independently minded investors with a special expertise in a specific area of investing. Some are professional fund managers, family offices, private asset managers, entrepreneurs or high net worth individual with specific skill sets. They should enjoy sharing their best ideas for the long-term. The investment horizon should be 1 to 3 years unless a particular member is good enough to take, as Warren Buffett, a longer-term view! 
    Why the mining focus?
    Switzerland does have a small mining history but more importantly it has developed a lot of expertise in many areas of the commodity sectors. Prestigious banks have financed mining projects throughout the world. Some of the best trading houses are domiciled here. Many outstanding professional and private money managers and family offices enjoy the unique climate of these mountainous regions. Furthermore, mining being a cyclical business it generates regularly huge investment opportunities.
    Should members be contrarians?
    Swiss investors are long term momentum players and that is perfectly all right. But in a very cyclical business :" either you are a contrarian or you are dead"as Rick Rule chairman of Sprott Usa states regularly.
    A world of dubious financial information overload
    Investors have never in world history being bombarded with so much financial information-but most sources are biased. The media promote what is hot, not what is good value! Armies of service providers add costs and huge time delays while adding no real benefits. CEO's talk their own book! Didn't Mark Twain describe a mine as : "a hole in the ground owned by a liar"! In this intricate maze investors need common sense from objective and friendly sources.

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